Greenway Manor & Greenway Terrace

A Skilled Nursing Facility & Assisted Living for the Elderly

Greenway Manor Staff

I was down to see Mom (Lucile Tubb) yesterday and everytime I come away from there I think I need to write to those people and tell them how much Trudi and I appreciate all the love and care you give Mom. You are her family and her life and most of the quality of life she has now is attributed to you people. Mom has been at Greenway for around 7 years now and the relationships and contact she has with you is close to what she has with her family. It always makes me feel good when you come in her room while I am there and the way each of you treat her. You listen to any concerns she has and always speak to her as she is important to you. I can tell by the way she speaks to and of you that she is treated that way all the time and not just in our presence.

Nursing home employees will have a special place in heaven as I know you are not in the business just for the money but have a genuine love and care for the residents. It is not a glamorous job and many a time when you have to change a soiled sheet and resident who doesn't appreciate what you are doing I would guess you say there is got to be an easier way to earn a live and there is!! There are a lot of unhappy people who are unhappy for personal as well as health reasons. I hope you take pride in your job and at the end of the day know that youhave brought some joy into some old people's lives and there are people like Trudi and me who cannot thank you enough. Mom has told everyone that she is ready to die and doesn't know why she is still here. I hope the reason God keeps her here is to show you how to love and maybe how to end our lives. She has been a great witness to me of not only how to live but how I want to die. Jesus said whatever you do for the least of these, you do for me.

God Bless each of you and thanks so much. Dick Tubb

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