Greenway Manor & Greenway Terrace

A Skilled Nursing Facility & Assisted Living for the Elderly


I would like to take a couple of minutes to express to you and and all the people at Greenway just how much I love the care and concern you have for my mom.

It has been a long, difficult road for our family since July, but I know now that God intended for mom to come to Greenway. I would like to thank you so much for the excellent care that she has received since she has been there. At times it has been hard for me, to see her there, but I now realize that there is where she belongs. She loves being there and all the people who care for her each and everyday. She talks about her caregivers all the time and is very happy that she is so well taken care of. I have noticed a change in her since she has been at Greenway. It is a change for the best!!! She plays cards, plays bingo, and does crafts and she loves all those things and couldn't do them when she was at home because she didn't drive. She mostly sat at home all day and did very little. For what my mom has lost in independence she has gained much in friendship and companionship at Greenway. She is also able to attend church and she hadn't been doing that lately at home. I see a change in her because she seems much happier about life. She is like the mom I remember from years ago, before all her pain and loneliness. After being her caregiver for the past 20 years it was very hard for me to see her go to Greenway but I have realized that is the place she needs to be. I guess we never know what God has planned for our lives. There are not enough words to express my love, gratitude, and respect for all of the people who work at Greenway and the excellent care you give to your residents. I feel truly blessed that mom is there with you all. My faith is something that I share with my mom and I am so happy to see mom's getting stronger again. I do believe that God has a plan and he directed us to you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for you guys do there, at Greenway to make it better for the residents and their families. I feel like I have gained some new family members and that makes me so happy.

Please make sure everyone at Greenway knows how I feel. May God continue to bless you all for many years to come.

Donna L Urbach
October 2015

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